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General Information

Longitude: 33° 50′ .7000E Latitude: 27° 13′ .4600N VHF: 74

The harbor has capacity for up to 200 yachts (lengths varying from 10 to 50 meters), Mega Yachts can be moored at the seaward side of the main dock. The draft ranges from 3 to 5.5 meters.
Hurghada Marina is nestled on the western coast of the Red Sea in the center of the town within a walking distance to the markets, workshops, restaurants etc, 150,000 M².
Two light houses marking the channel entrance, a red one at your port side (left) and a green one to your starboard side (right) as you enter the marina, with a height of 7 meters, Both light houses have an oscillating light (flashes intermittently) which can be seen from a distance of 3 miles.


The marina is not a port of entry which means that all yachts must check into a Port of Entry to Egypt before coming to Hurghada marina.

Ports of Entry to Egypt are:

– Alexandria
– Port Said
– Suez (Port Tawfik)
– Sharm El Sheikh
– Taba Heights
– Hurghada
– Safaga
– Qusseir
– Port Ghalib

Documents required in Egypt:

– Port Clearance from your last Port of Call
– Ships Registration Certificate
– VHF Radio License
– Insurance Certificate
– Crew List
– Ship’s stamps are always good to have but not essential

N.B.: All the above should be in date (valid) and original copy.
All boats must have a reservation prior to arrival, reservation to be through our office.

Boats are not allowed to enter Hurghada Marina after sunset.